A video chat user experience study

Why Lock ?


Most families have trouble enjoying a video chat session when trying to get little children to participate. The majority of video chap apps display a red button used to end a session. However, as all parents know, small children are curious about high contrast colors in their world. When small children see a red button, they feel the need to press it. As such, video chat sessions become interrupted very quickly when little children participate, which can be frustrating for all participants in the conversation. This is a major issue as most video chat apps in the market don't offer a lock screen function.



Press Me !

Target Audience 

Families with children 3 years-old and younger


Improve family communication through video chat

How Tappy Lock Works in FaceTime

IOS Platform



Research Process

User Interviews


During the research process, I interviewed 4 target parent users and identified the following pain points: 


  • Toddlers have trouble participating more than a couple of minutes in the video chat session 

  • Small children are very curious about moving images and buttons and feel the need to touch the phone when the video chat is in session 

  • Older children are more willing and able to participate in the conversation 


In addition,  interesting insights for future development :


  • One of the user's older kid (3 years) likes to "help" press the red button to hang up the call.

  • It is important for the user to make eye contact while participating in the video chat session; however, the phone camera can't catch people's eyes in order to make eye contact.


A children screen lock with s basic interactive game component feature


Design Process


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