Game Artwork

Works for Mokuni LLC.

I was the Lead 3D Artist for this game called Food Conga, providing art support for the launch of this game. Using Maya and Unity,  I worked on the 3D design, modeling, coloring, and lighting. Food Conga is available now in Appstore and Google Play!!

Food Conga Trailer 
Food Conga Model
Food Conga 

For Kitty in The Box VR , I worked on game design, concept and 3D modeling.

Kitty in the Box VR​
Works for SurrealVR

I designed 3D characters and accessories for SurrealVR,  a social VR platform for users. 

Surreal VR Trailer 
Surreal VR Model Testing
Surreal VR Model and Textures
Works for Pathea Game

Provided 3D design support for the launch of  Planet Explorers, an open world voxel based sandbox adventure RPG game set on a distant planet.  I created characters, weapons, and 3D environmental props.

Planet Explorers
Project  Untitled
3D Environment Art
The Casual Legend
3D Rendering for Architecture Work

I worked as a 3D designer at Factice Studio, a design firm with in-house fabrication and project management services. I designed 3D architectural models, using blueprints and CAD drawings provided by clients, and completed shot realization from scene assembly, through lighting, texturing and rendering to compositing.

3DVision 2007
3DVision 2007